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Our Mission

Featured Event: Bayarea 9 Peaks

The time has come to bag some peaks. Pacific Coast Trail Runs proudly presents the epic challenge for all levels. Join the hundreds of "Pacific Coast Trail Runs" runners, hikers, and adventurers of all colors, ages, abilities, and gender. Any questions or concerns join our facebook page


Featured Event: TOGETHERelay

The inaugural TOGETHERelay, is a Pacific Coast Trail Runs and experience. We call it "open course trail racing": Relay or Solo, 400+ miles with 70 segments on the Bay Area Ridge Trail. The new technology from PWRLab, gps tracking, and being on real trails, not virtual, with the Bay Area trail running and hiking communities will give this event the integrity and feel of a live event with out the finish line festival. This first of its kind event will benefit the Bay Area Ridge Trail Council (BARTC) and local businesses such as running specialty stores, restaurants, and pubs


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Holiday Buff / Neck Gator

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Featured Vendor Partner ProJo* Coffee

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We exist to inspire individuals to do great things.

Beyond making great coffee, our bigger picture is to do great things. We truly believe every single individual, including our team, customers, friends, family, and community members have the potential to achieve greatness. Our goal is to inspire people to be their best, and Projo* is here to support you on all of your endeavors.

Accept your strengths and weaknesses. Challenge your beliefs. Stay active and eat right. Show concern for others. Live a life greater than yourself. Create change.

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Go run a trail, is coming to the online store. While Go run a trail T-Shirts will still only be available if you volunteer at an event. We will be making some new items available for purchase #Gurunatrail


Please join us as we create new races, camping experiences, all while maintaining and building new trails for you to play on.

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Our Event Testimonials

“Best race I have ever experienced! Organized, great support staff, and great location! I ran the SF One Day and couldn’t have chosen a better race to honor my stepfather who passed. Hubby and I plan on attending more in the future! Thank you!!”


“I just ran my first race with PCTR. I’ll start by saying that I’m known for getting lost when hiking, so I was nervous that I’d get lost during the race. I’m happy to say that the course was marked so well that I didn’t get lost. It was always clear when/where to turn and there were enough flags along the course to let you know you hadn’t missed a turn. Also, pre-race communication was great. Post-race announcers, food, drinks, and general atmosphere were outstanding. I’ll be stalking their website for more races. Oh, and the volunteers were so great. Thank you to every volunteer on course. Your enthusiasm, positive attitude, and helpfulness were a big part of the race’s great atmosphere. I’ll be signing up to volunteer at races! I want to be a part of making other people’s races a success.”


“Second time running the Rodeo Beach 30k this year and despite clouds & rains, the organizers, volunteers, aid stations & course markings were fantastic!! Loved the positive attitudes of everybody involved and thank you for your support & encouragement along the way! Delicious post-race food & drinks at the end. See you next year!”